The Mental Capacity Act (MCA) and Deprivation of Liberty Safeguards (DoLS) are empowering laws that promote the autonomy of adults and safeguard individuals’ human rights when applied correctly. Wendy Silberman has trained over 600 Best Interests Assessors, as a visiting lecturer, through the University of Birmingham and has been an independent Best Interests Assessor (BIA) since 2009. Having qualified in 2013, Ming Nagel was formerly a BIA for a Local Authority and has been an independent BIA since 2014.  She also teaches on the University of Birmingham programme.  We are passionate about this area of law and are committed to the statutory principles of the MCA.  Many of our assessments have been used as evidence in The Court of Protection for final adjudication.  We reach defensible decisions and ensure consideration of less restrictive options by spending the time required to thoroughly assess capacity and scrutinise the individual’s care.

"Your kind words about me and my dad will never be forgotten. From the start to the end of this difficult time the DoLS Team Social Worker and Wendy have shown me great respect and have put my dad's best interest first....Thank you both again so much for seeing me and my dad as individuals" - Carer

"Both Wendy and Ming have undertaken complex DoLS assessments for [our authority]. Their assessments are accurate, detailed and person-centred, ensuring appropriate conditions and recommendations through careful consideration of service users' individual needs" - Local Authority Commissioner

"The work Integritas have done for our busy inner city DoLS team has been exceptional. They have accepted some of our most complex cases and have gone to creative lengths to maximise the participation of the citizen being assessed and treated all concerned with the greatest respect and transparency. They offer a gold standard service and in many ways lead the way in demonstrating how the MCA and DoLS could and should be used" - Local Authority Commissioner