In 2016 alone we trained staff members and practitioners within Local Authorities, NHS Trusts, Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCGs)/primary healthcare, residential/nursing care, substance misuse services, the education sector, independent hospitals, and charitable organisations (please see “Our Partners“).  We taught over 2,000 individuals and received the following feedback*:

            • BIA and Authorising Signatories: 332 trained, 97.59% evaluated these courses as “Excellent” or “Very Good”;
            • Mental Capacity Act (including “Working Within the MCA” and specialist topics): 1023 trained, 95.71% evaluated these courses as “Excellent” or “Very Good”;
            • MCA and Deprivation of Liberty Safeguards and stand-alone DoLS: 186 trained, 96.77% evaluated these courses as “Excellent” or “Very Good”;
            • Mental Health Act Code of Practice and MH Awareness: 92 trained, 98.94% evaluated these courses as “Excellent” or “Very Good”;
            • Recording: 63 trained, 98.41% evaluated these courses as “Excellent” or “Very Good”;
            • Risk Assessment and Risk Management: 114 trained, 94.74% evaluated these courses as “Excellent” or “Very Good”;
            • Safeguarding Adults: 183 trained, 98.36% evaluated these courses as “Excellent” or “Very Good”.

Please click on the links below to access our most recent training evaluation reports.  They are compiled from evaluation forms completed by all participants at the end of each teaching and training event.


BIA and Signatory Training evaluation reports 2016
MCA Training evaluation reports 2016
MCA and DoLS or stand-alone DoLS Training evaluation reports 2016
MHA CoP and MH Awareness evaluation reports 2016
Recording Training evaluation reports 2016
Risk Assessment and Risk Management Training evaluation reports 2016
Safeguarding Training evaluation reports 2016


BIA and Updates – Evaluation Report 2015
Disability Awareness Training – Evaluation Report 2015
DoLS for Front-line and Authorisers – Evaluation Report 2015
MCA and DoLS – Evaluation Report 2015
MCA – Including Working Within and Specialist Topics – Evaluation Report 2015
Recording and Report Writing – Evaluation Report 2015

Risk Assessment and Management & Positive Risks – Evaluation Report 2015
Safeguarding Adults – Evaluation Report 2015

*a number of our sessions with Primary Care staff were workshops and are not included in our attendance and evaluation figures