Integritas Support provides an independent social work service to a range of service users and their carers. This includes conducting independent mental capacity assessments followed by best interests assessments when appropriate. We also undertake social circumstances reports for First-Tier Tribunals (Mental Health) and have completed independent Community Care Assessments or Parole Reports for prisoners when they were entitled to legal aid. We call upon a small team of Associates who are experienced, qualified and registered social workers and who are/were Approved Social Workers or Approved Mental Health Professionals and/or independent Best Interest Assessors. We always work in partnership and are commissioned by solicitors, local authorities, clinical commissioning groups and mental health trusts.

100% of the commissioners who have provided us with feedback rated our Independent Social Work as “Excellent” or “Very Good”.

“Both reports reflected the very high level of professionalism, integrity and extensive work which was put in by Ms Silberman....who has come forward with the clearest picture of present needs that has yet been presented for either of these clients. Her manner with both clients was also effective and respectful, evidenced in particular by both clients’ wishing to meet with her again and feeling very comfortable with all that was achieved” - Solicitor

“A patient who has been 'stuck in the system’ for over 18 months...is finally being assessed and likely to be moving from hospital and section in the near future. The involvement of your services has made the difference to a long term sectioned patient in that he has hope for the future. It...would not have happened but for the excellent report that was prepared” - Solicitor

"Ming Nagel clearly went the extra mile....Her evidence was clearly very influential on the positive outcome of the Tribunal hearing. Our client was granted a deferred Conditional Discharge against the evidence of the entire clinical team" - Solicitor

“Ming could not have done more....she has the ability to think outside of the box and come up with innovative solutions/ways forward, always putting the individual (patient)’s wishes and rights at the forefront” - Solicitor